Hi, I am Shin.

An always curios UX designer.


Growing up in Chengdu,

the most laid-back city in China, made me an optimistic and easygoing person.


I went to the oldest school in the world.

Built in 141 BC, Shishi High School is now 2159 years-old.

Studying at Shishi fostered my love for history, literature, and traditional Chinese arts. There, I started to practice calligraphy and Xiao, a vertical bamboo flute.


More than a Philosophy major...

I came to the U.S. to pursue higher education in 2013. During my undergrad at St.Olaf College, I studied Philosophy and many other fun subjects such as statistics, art, and psychology.

It was not only about academics. I was a TA for Computer Science, I represented the school in state-level ballroom competitions, and I was also a small entrepreneur in handcrafts reselling.


Becoming a UX designer.

My interests and background in humanities, science and art lead me to the Master of Human Computer Interaction & Design program at University of Washington. I have been into design since middle school, and now my dream is coming true.


As a designer,

My ethics are the following: be innovative, flexible, and have fear of what I don't know.

Designers don't simply make things, we shape the relationship of how people interact with things and their environment. We bear the responsibility of what we add to the world.


Email: shin.liux@gmail.com

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Life must be understood backward. But it must be lived forward.
— Søren Kierkegaard